Sunanda Sharma Morni

Title:MORNI (Official Video) | SUNANDA SHARMA | JAANI | SUKH E | ARVINDR KHAIRA | New Punjabi Songs 2018
Date:13 August 2018
Duration:3:35 Min
Dis Like:34,012
User:Amar Audio

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Amar Audio & Pinky Dhaliwal Presents a Supersong of the year "#Morni" by The heart-throb of millions #SunandaSharma, the words of this song penned down by arranged by #Sukh-E and a dance Video Shot by #ArvindrKhaira. Enjoy the song & groove to the beats.

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Song ➤ Morni
Singer ➤ Sunanda Sharma
Lyricist ➤ Jaani
Music ➤ Sukh - E
Video ➤ Arvindr Khaira
Dop ➤ Bhanu pratap
Editor ➤ Adele Periera
Choreographer ➤ Sahaj Singh, Sheroshi Kumar
Grading ➤ Shashi
Makeup/Hair ➤ Rajan
Asst Director➤ Harman Buttar
Online Promotion - GK Digital
Team Amar Audio ➤ Pardeep Sharma, Sandeep Joshi, Harpreet Harry, Preet Kalsi, Amninder Grewal, Neeru Chopra, Jyoti Dhaliwal, Kirandeep Kaur
Producer ➤ Pinky Dhaliwal
Label ➤ Amar Audio

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Sunanda Sharma Morni Sunanda Sharma Morni Sunanda Sharma Morni

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